A Driven Group of Students
Driving For Success
  1. Who Are We?
    Who Are We?
    We are a group of students form the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that focuses on taking the knowledge gained in the classroom and applying it to a real world project where students can apply themselves in a simulated work environment. The group is governed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and belongs to the SAE-Milwaukee Section.
  2. What is Baja SAE
    What is Baja SAE
    Baja SAE is a student design challenge which puts students around the globe into head to head competition. The goal for the team is to build the most versatile vehicle for the challenge. The SAE International competitions consist of both static and dynamic events. The static events consist of cost analysis, sales strategy, and design judging. The dynamic events consist of an acceleration run, suspension and traction, maneuverability, sled pull, hill climb, and 4 hour endurance race events.
  3. What is Supermileage
    What is Supermileage
    Supermileage is a group of students who's goal is to design a prototype vehicle that can achieve over 800 miles per gallon. The team does this by utilizing a highly modified single cylinder engine with an ultra aerodynamic body. The team competes in the the Shell Eco Marathon and SAE Supermileage competitions.
  4. What Makes Us Different?
    What Makes Us Different?
    UW-Milwaukee Motorsports is different than many other student run organizations. On top of balancing the design and professional aspects of the organization with ever demanding academic work, the group prides itself on fabricating over 90% of the parts used in their own shop. This gives the members a true feel of the full circle design and manufacturing process. In addition UW-Milwaukee Motorsports is 100% student run and led with the students receiving 0 academic credit toward their degrees.